The Best Smart Watches – Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit has become a household name in the revolutionary new world of wearable tech. It is giving all the big names including Samsung and Apple a tough time in the market and is becoming a top choice due to its unique set of features. The Fitbit blaze may be thought of as more of a fitness tracker rather than a smart watch but know this; this is one of the best smart watches you’ll ever lay hands on. That too for only $200, almost half of what Apple asks for.


When Fitbit entered the world of fitness trackers it was quite unsure of the direction it wanted to go in but all that has now been clarified with Blaze.¬†Customization is that one word that defines the design corner of the best smart watch for fitness. The hardware element can be replaced and add in couture straps to help you with sweaty workouts. The watch itself is wafer thin and you won’t ever feel it weighing down on your wrist; this is true even for skinny people.


In a nutshell, Blaze allows you to carry out guided workouts and declutter your work-space under the guidance of an OLED screen. One of the best smart watches in the market, the Fitbit Blaze can track steps, sense heart rate, count stairs climbed, the number of calories burnt and analyze the body in its sleep! This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are loads of fitness features that make this the best choice on the market. You can connect the watch to your smartphone, whether its iPhone or Android and use its GPS to track down your every move. Within a couple of days you’ll have a complete map of what you’re engaged in.

Its a pretty well-built, up to date package when it comes to tracking fitness and I wouldn’t bet against it even with the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Accuracy during Activity Tracking

Of course with many fitness plans nowadays people want to know exactly what’s going on with them; nothing less, nothing more. Accuracy has¬†gained paramount importance for smart devices. Fitbit’s Blaze complies very well and is great at tracking down your footsteps. It is very rate that it misses out on any or adds in an extra one. Wrist tracking is great at well and the heart beat sensor works like a charm keeping you up to date with the internal matters of your body.

Sleep tracking is as good as it can get with the best smartwatch for fitness tracking. You’ll hardly ever encounter any problems with it and you can check levels of restlessness, wake and sleep with it in the morning. A string of added features make this one of the most sophisticated¬†sleep tracking sensor among the best smart watches in the world.

Exercise tracking has dedicated options for different activities like treadmill, cycling, weighing, running, etc. The Blaze can even recognize the activity on its own and track it independently.

Other sensors include distance sensor for bike and running, movement sensor, heart rate real time monitor and so on, all of which work flawlessly.

Conclusively, this is one the best smart watches in the planet and the best smart watch for fitness. The price is right and so are the features. Enjoy!

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