What Operating Systems do the Best Smart Watches use?

The smartwatch market has exploded in recent years and now seems as a promising new line of technology. Just like smartphones, the best smart watches also run on some kind of OS similar to Android, iOS, etc. Today we’ll explore the most popular options you’ll have while looking for the best smartwatch to buy.

Android Wear

Android Wear OS has been designed to work with Android Smartphones sporting 4.3 or a newer version however there are rumors that Apple connectivity is on its way. With that being said, Android Wear is still young and needs a lot of nurturing. Just like Android, it is also opensource however protection is much more sophisticated in this OS due to security risks regarding connectivity. The Android Wear supports both rectangle and rounded screens and nowadays runs some of the best smart watches like Samsung Gear 2.


This is an OS that has been created by Intel, Orange, Vodafone and Samsung. As a complete package, the part that runs on wearable devices is cut down and is called Tizen for Wearable.  Samsung is putting quite a bit of effort on this one, trying its best to develop something that’s least dependent on Android. One of the best things about Tizen OS is its ability to run standalone apps that require absolutely no contact with the smartphone. The apps are developed in HTML 5.

Pebble OS

One of the most popular OS when it comes to smartwatches, Pebble OS is a well-developed version of FreeRTOS. It comes with Pebble devices and can pair up with both Android and iOS devices. It can go head to head with Apple’s Watch OS and has the ability to provide integrated notifications. It is one of the main reasons that Pebble Watch is the best smart watch to buy. The OS has very little hardware footprint and can really take the battery life a long way.

Watch OS

A shoot off of iOS, Watch OS has been designed to run with Apple Watch. You can pair it up with iOS devices and can run apps in a synchronized manner. Watch OS 2 was launched in 2015 and was quite an improvement over the previous one. It had a host of new apps supported on it like the Facebook Messenger that allowed users to send all kinds messages right from their wrists. OS 3 is in the making and even with OS 2 it seems Apple is about to grab a huge chunk of the best smart watches market.

Web OS

The platform was originally created by Palm, targeted to run on phones but due to unavoidable circumstances changed hands and ultimately landed in LG wearables. Just like Samsung, LG is also trying to get a hold of its own OS and is heavily developing this for its own smart watches.


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