The Best Smart Watches Under $100

Looking for a gateway smart watch to ease the transition into the whole new world of smart wearables? Well look no more as we have for you a list of the best smart watches . We understand that there are so many smart watches on the market to someone who is new to the idea of smartwatches and doesn’t want to invest on something he/she isn’t too sure of yet. So we present to you a shortened list of the best smart watches you can buy for under $100.

1. Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android Devices

Price: $99
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This one’s the top of the list mainly because it comes at an affordable price and features that even put some of the most established brands to shame due to overpricing.

With this smartwatch you’ll be able to:

  • Read emails, texts and incoming calls
  • Work through your calendar
  • Control your music
  • Connect to iPhone or Android device
  • Install thousands of apps, both classic and fitness ones

Pebble Steel sets the bar for affordable smart-wear to a whole new level and is definitely the best smartwatch in the under $100 genre. It has apps for everything, a clear display for all your notifications, physical features like protection from water and a long lasting battery (5 – 7 day) that not only puts it on top of this list but makes it one of the best smart watches in the world.

2. Smart Watch Otium One Bluetooth Smart Watch

Price: $33
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The company might be heard of but the product is every bit as good as one of the top brands out there. With features like:

  • SMS, email, caller ID, etc.
  • Bluetooth dialer
  • Independent cell phone functionality
  • For iPhone and Android
  • Anti-lost technology

The smartwatch can make a great addition to your apparel and act as both a stylish add-on as well as a management gadget. Everything you’ll ever want will be in the smartwatch. One of the features that makes it one of the best smart watches of its class is the anti-lost feature that can put a lot of minds to rest when it comes to privacy.

3. Buyee Dz09 Smartwatch  

Price: $17
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For $17 this is a bargain of a lifetime. The smartwatch may come across as dull when it comes to design but it definitely makes up for that with the software side of things.

  • HD display and a high sensitive touch screen
  • 1.3MP camera
  • Ability to make direct phone calls through a SIM card or Bluetooth connection
  • Seek mobile phone for extra protection
  • 7 days battery timings

I can’t stress the price enough but mark my words you won’t get a more feature-full product for such a price.

4. Fixing DIY Bluetooth Android Smart Watch

Price: $9
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This one’s for teenagers that dig the whole smart watches arena but don’t have a budget that suits their needs. Don’t worry as this smart watch will provide them enough to play with:

  • Sync phonebook, SMS and call history
  • Push notifications
  • Music control with your phone
  • Remote camera connection
  • Hands-free caller mode

This is for the absolute beginners. But don’t underestimate its power as it can come in quite handy in situations where management through a smartphone alone is not enough.

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