Best Smart Watches OS – Apple Watch OS 2

While Watch OS 3’s release date has been announced and it contains a string of exciting features, currently devices are running OS 2. which itself is a great option when chosen from the list of the best smart watches operating systems.

Released in 2015, the Watch OS 2 has been updated four times and the current up to date version is 2.2.1. What are its most promising features?

New Apps

Watch OS 2 has brought a selection of 3rd party apps with it. The Facebook messenger is the one that tops the list. With this app you’ll even be able to send audio files and share locations right away. GoPro can sync itself with Apple Watch and can allow you to set its position remotely. This all has been possible because Apple has allowed access to its sensors. i.e. Taptic engine, Digital crown etc. to third party developers.

Sensors and Controls

Digital Crown is one of the most famous of all Apple Watch sensors and provides the ability to zoom in and out in real time. Rotating the crown shows you events that are to come in the near future (set in your schedule). The glimpse of future is quite cool especially when combined with one of the best smart watches in the market.

Developers have even been given access to accelerometer as well which means third party apps have a whole new level of functionality.

Tetherless Wi-Fi

With this particular feature you no longer need to connect your Apple Watch with your smartphone in order to connect it to a Wi-Fi connection. You can switch rooms quite easily without the need of carrying your iPhone in your pocket.

Watch Faces

Think of these as themes for you Apple Watch. Apple has put quite a lot of thought into these and has come up with some amazing faces for beautifying your watch. One of these, called Time Lapse contains merged pictures of cities like Hong Kong, Mack Lake, New York, etc. to give your watch a more realistic feeling as the day goes by. This feature will truly light up your mood and secure your investment in one of the best smart watches you could lay your hands on.

Apple Watch Music

The interface for this app has been redesigned and addition of features like shuffle and volume level indicator have made it a whole lot easier to use.


When run in this mode, the watch’s face will flip horizontally when put on charge. The Crown becomes a snooze button while the side buttons can turn off the alarm. This may seem as a useless feature to many but after a few nights you’ll be thanking Apple for this.

Email Replies

As the name is pretty self-explanatory, just like replying to text messages you’ll now be able to reply directly to emails through your watch. The feature has been missing from previous builds and its addition solidifies Apple’s role over the best smart watches in the market.

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