The Best Smart Watches – Apple Watch OS 3 Rumors

At WMDC 2016, Apple unveiled its all new, sparkling watchOS 3 software for the best smart watches. People were riled up about it especially after Apple brought such a big overhaul when it released Watch OS 2.

Ever since smart watches started taking over the world of smart gadgets, companies have been in a fierce competition as to who will get the throne. Samsung, Motorola, Fitbit and Apple have been locked in a deadly tech-war to come out at the top. No doubt about the fact that there have been advancements in hardware technology, however the hardware will bottleneck if there isn’t sophisticated enough software. Thus, there’s one thing that truly determines the best smart watch in the market, the Operating System.

Apple will be releasing its Watch OS 3 sometime during the month of September or probably at the start of October. It won’t cost you anything since it will come as an upgrade for your Apple Watch.

Major Changes

The first thing that has been promised for┬áthe new OS is improved speed and stability. The update will make your Apple Watch faster than ever before as promised by Apple. Apps will respond instantly to the new information and you won’t need to open them every time you need to see something new.

There’s a new dock section on the watch as well now through which one can access the most used apps much quicker than before. Options like alarm, battery and airplane mode have also been added in this section. One thing to add is the SOS function that will work in every country, if your watch is connected to your phone.


The fitness app Activity is getting an upgrade as well that puts the Apple Watch on top of the best smart watches list. The focus of the update is “Activity Sharing”, a feature that will let you see how your friends and family are doing. This can help kick off a competition, and everyone knows that nothing drives change better than competition.


There’s a new app as well called “Breathe”. The purpose of this app is to help you calm down after you’ve had a stressful day at work. The app will suggest breathing exercises as well as other relaxing maneuvers, controlled via haptic feedback.

Watch OS 3 messages

What makes the Apple Watch one of the best smart watches on the planet? Innovation. There’s a new way to respond to messages with the Watch OS 3. There are easy to see shortcuts as well as smart replies that can take you out of a busy situation without any problem.

In addition, there’s also a feature called “Scribble”. All you have to do is write a single letter on the watch and the app will complete the word for you. There are some complex algorithms behind this and the feature supports several languages.

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